Vinyl Records

$ 15

Per Album
  • Includes track selection
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$ 15

Per Tape
  • Includes track selection
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Reel to Reels

$ 15

Starting Price
  • Includes track selection
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Service Details

We can transfer your cassettes, micro cassettes, reel to reels, or vinyl records!

If you’d like extra copies to hand out to friends or family just let us know. Extra discs are only $5 each.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get duplicates of my CDs?

You can! Duplicates are $5 each.

Can I get a digital copy of my tapes/albums?

Yes! Digital copies are provided in .mp3 format and are free if you bring in a flash drive when picking up your order.

My cassette tape is broken. Can you fix it?

Absolutely! For $5.00 we’ll fix your tape so you can get your memories back!

Can you create tracks of my audio recording?

We manually track all audio so you don’t have to fast forward or rewind to find your favorite song anymore!

How much can I fit on one CD?

Each CD holds up to 80 minutes of audio, so any tapes/albums over 80 minutes will need to be split onto two CDs but the price is still just $10 per tape.